Safety Logos (6)

Use our existing logos below or we’ll help to create your own custom logo. Standard minimums and artwork setup fees apply.

Maintain Social Distancing Silkscreen

Logo Codes:

  • Z120-200 Full Back 12”x12”
  • Z120-201 Full Front 10”x10”

Do The Five, Save A Life Silkscreen

Logo Codes:

  • Z120-202, Full Back or Full Front, 9.5”W x 3.9”H


Proud To Be An Essential Worker Silkscreen

Logo Codes:

  • Z120-206, Full Back, 8”W x 6”H, Black
  • Z120-206A, Full Back, 8”W x 6”H, White


We’re All In This Together…Just 6 Feet Apart Silkscreen

Logo Codes:

  • Z24989-W10, Full Back, 8”W x 1.7”H

Essential Worker Embroidery

Logo Codes:

  • D120-80, Chest or Sleeve, 3”W x 0.34”H, Black

Maintain Social Distancing Hard Hats

Logo Codes:

  • P120-1, Front of Hat, 2”x2”
  • P120-2, Back of Hat, 1.5”x1.5”